libImage Documentation: The purpose of libImage - Introduction

libImage is my image loading/saving project. It was started early in 2008 and aims to provide
a simple interface to load just about any flavour of image that comes to your mind.
It is principly designed to have just 2 funtions to load and free images and their associated data.
This was realized by it's implistic modular format inside it's code, whereby I could also introduce
a second layer/level to the code where if, say, you only wanted to support PNG images in your application
you could just call into the PNG code directly, and without having to re-learn how to use the library as
the call parameters of the function is exactly the same. This means that libImage is not only simple, but
also extreamly powerfull without loosing any functionality in any of it's layers because it's designed around
the same layout at all layers/levels.